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World Bank funds training projects in Angola

The World Bank will grant a loan of US$1 billion to Angola over six years to develop projects, with a focus on vocational training, the World Bank representative for Angola and São Tomé and Príncipe said on Wednesday in Luanda.

Olivier Lambert provided the information during a meeting of a delegation of the World Bank with members of the Fifth Committee for the Economy and Finance and the 6th Committee on Health, Education, Higher Education, Science and Technology, according to the Angop news agency.

The World Bank representative also told parliamentarians that the projects are based on three main pillars – macro-governance, economic diversification and human capital.

“We think that Angola is facing great challenges, the biggest being training people because the wealth of a country is not measured by its mineral resources but rather by the high level of qualification of its inhabitants,” he said.

To that end, he added, investments will go beyond specific sectors because it is a broader issue that involves, in addition to education, health, agriculture, transport, and telecommunications, among other areas, with the aim of increasing human capital in the country.

Luanda, 16. Mai 2019


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