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State company announces plots of land for sale in Angola

Angolan state infrastructure and land management Company EGTI plans to raise US US$800 million over the next ten years through the sale of plots of land, the chairman of the Board of Directors said recently in Luanda at the end of the institution’s public presentation ceremony.

Rodrigo dos Santos said that EGTI, created by a Presidential Decree of 5 March, 2015, has the responsibility of ensuring a return on the investment made by the State in building infrastructure for land, and has 19 public urban development projects under management in cities, new urban areas and requalification zones, located in 12 provinces, particularly in the province of Luanda.

“In the province of Luanda there are plots of land in various areas available for sale to national or foreign citizens, provided they have financial capacity,” added the company’s chairman.

Santos said that interested parties should contact the company’s offices in Luanda and added that prices vary depending on the location, size of the plot and the project to be carried out there.

The land is located on the perimeter of Boavista, on the outskirts of Sambizanga, the Futungo Development Hub, in Sequele and the Mussulo Development Hub.

There are also infra-structured plots in Camama, Kilamba City, Centrality of Zango Zero, Centrality of Zango Cinco, Quilometro 44, the Special Economic Zone, Agostinho Neto University, New Luanda International Airport, 11 de Novembro Stadium and the Port of Luanda.

Luanda, 07. Dezember 2017
Jornal de Angola


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