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Ruling party pledges prosperity and dignity for Angolans

The ruling MPLA party pledges to promote the prosperity of Angolan people based on a strong, diversified, generating employment and wealth economy, if the party wins the elections.

The intention was announced Wednesday by the party's vice President, João Lourenço, who also stressed increased investment in education and health fields.

The politician, who is also MPLA candidate for the President of Republic for next elections, made the pledge at public presentation of governance programme and electoral manifesto for 2017/2022.

Addressing the militants and representatives of civil society, João Lourenço also highlighted the MPLA as a force of the past, present and future.

The politician considered the young people crucial for political and social transformation process whom the party can continues to rely on to develop the country. On the other hand, he pledged support for families, churches and civil society organisations in civic and patriotic education and recovery of moral, civic and cultural values.

According to him, the 2017-2022 programme is mainly intended to consolidate peace and democracy. The programme also ensures preservation of national unity, cohesion and strengthening of citizenship and building an increasingly inclusive society.

The five-year programme also covers implementation of reform and modernisation of State, sustainable and human development, with economic and social inclusion, reduction of inequalities and promotion of well-being, stressed MPLA official.

In his speech, the MPLA candidate highlighted the work to increase investment in agriculture, fisheries and industry to take the country out of dependence on the oil and achieve food self-sufficiency.

The official also stressed the importance of consolidation of peace and democracy modernisation of State, sustainable development, as well as defence of sovereignty, territorial integrity and citizens.

The MPLA candidate also defended the reinforcement of the country’s role in the international context and for an immigration that contributes to development of the country. According to João Lourenço, the party attaches importance to the political stability and intends a "government for people and with people", noting that the consolidation of democracy entails local elections that contributed to the increase of life quality and well-being of Angolans and balanced development of the territory.

The politician also reaffirmed that the party defends social market economy and free initiative to create social and personal wealth.
João Lourenço pledges to ensure equality of opportunity for all citizens, paying special attention to strengthening of municipal health system.

He also mentioned the education as the key to economic development and fundamental to social inclusion.

He reaffirmed commitment to fight against corruption, mismanagement of public assets and against influence trafficking, hoping to count on all those interested in building a better future, willing to improve what is right and correct what is wrong.

Luanda, 11. Mai 2017
Jornal de Angola/Josina de Carvalho


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