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Angola has large deposits of copper and cobalt

The copper-cobalt region of Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo stretches to the Angolan territory at least 116,000 square kilometers, according to the geophysical survey carried out under the National Plan of Geology (Planageo) The minister of the sector said in Luanda.

Francisco Queiroz, Minister of Geology and Mines, said that Planageo allowed to discover the ornamental rock complex of the Cunene with an area of 45 thousand square kilometers, which covers the provinces of Huíla and Cunene and that extends to the territory of Namibia.

"The magnetic anomalies detected by Planageo show favorable signs of prospecting for metallic and non-metallic minerals such as iron, diamonds, copper, manganese, titanium, zinc, lead, bauxite and also radioactive minerals and phosphates," he said.

The minister, speaking at the proclamation ceremony of the Association of Angolan Companies of Geosciences and Support for Oil Activity (AEAGSAP), also said that, in view of the results obtained with the Planageo, the government started a campaign of Attracting global investors.

"We are hopeful that, in the medium term, these investors will have a positive impact on changing the country's economic base," said the head of the Geology and Mining portfolio.

Francisco Queiroz said that mining investment funds should also be created in view of the active participation of Angolan entrepreneurs in mining investment, also involving partnerships with foreign investors.

The execution of Planageo cost the Angolan state 40.5 billion kwanzas (225.8 million euros), and its execution was awarded to the consortium formed by Impulso Industrial Alternativo, Instituto Geológico e Mineiro de Espanha and the National Energy Laboratory And Geology of Portugal.


Luanda, 23. März 2017


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