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Luanda to have public transportation system in monorail

The city of Luanda will have a public transportation system in monorail, whose management the Government intends to sub-concession, according to an order signed by the President of the Republic, João Lourenço.

In issue is presidential dispatch 78/18, dated July 5, authorizing the opening of a public tender for the award of this project.

According to the document, it involves the concession, construction and operation of the Monorail (monorail, rail system based on a single lane) for the city of Luanda, creating at the same time an evaluation committee for this competition, chaired by the director general of the Institute National Railways of Angola, Ottoniel Manuel.

The same dispatch does not go into more details about the project, namely the planned investment and area of ​​coverage of the future public transport service of the capital, which already has almost seven million inhabitants.

The Angolan Government has previously approved the public rehabilitation project for the Marginal da Corimba, in Luanda, to ensure the preservation of the coastal zone and strengthen accessibility to the center of Luanda and, in particular, "solve the problems of congestion and circulation difficulties" .


Nürnberg, 12. Juli 2018
Rainer Dzösch


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