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Luanda most expensive city for expats

Luanda, the capital of Angola, has regained top spot as the world's most expensive city for expats, pushing Hong Kong back into second place.

The claim is made in the 23rd annual cost-of-living survey carried out by the advisory firm Mercer.

Tokyo, Zurich and Singapore comprise the rest of the top five.

The annual survey looks at more than just the cost to expats of renting an apartment or house. It examines the cost of 200 items in each place, including housing, transport, clothes, food and entertainment.

Thus it compares the cost of buying a cinema ticket, a pair of jeans, a litre of water, a cup of coffee, a litre of petrol, a litre of milk, and bread and beer.

The position of Luanda, which has topped these rankings frequently in the past few years, is influenced by the cost of secure accommodation for expat staff as well as for everyday goods.

For instance, the cost of renting an unfurnished three-bedroom house of "international standards in an appropriate neighbourhood" is put at a whopping $13,000 US dollars (£10,300) a month.

London, 21. Juni 2017
BBC News


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