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Angola’s President guarantees legal security to foreign investors

The Angolan state will guarantee the repatriation of dividends and the legal security and the security of physical assets of entrepreneurs who have invested in Angola, said President João Lourenço in a speech at the traditional New Year greetings session of the diplomatic corps accredited in Angola.

“We will create all the necessary conditions so that they can carry out their activity in Angola with ease and repatriate their dividends without any kind of constraint, provided they comply with Angolan legislation,” said Lourenço.

The head of state called on the ambassadors to promote Angola’s potential and renewed momentum in their countries of origin, at a time when the fight against corruption and attracting foreign private investment are among the government’s priorities.

Nevertheless, he admitted that “it is urgently necessary for us to create internal conditions that restore the necessary credibility to the sectors and institutions involved in the relationship with investors so that they do not hesitate to bring their money to Angola.”

“We will be more rigorous in dealing with these development partners, to whom we will give not only guarantees of legal security, but also of their physical assets,” Lourenço said in the same address after receiving dozens of foreign diplomats accredited in Angola.

Luanda, 22. Januar 2018


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