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Angolan government to buy more than 1,000 vehicles for 194.5 million dollars

The Angolan government expects to spend more than 42.5 billion kwanzas (194.5 million dollars) on the acquisition of 1,034 service vehicles of different ranges, under the public tender open Monday, April 23rd, by the Ministry of Finance.

According to the terms of reference for the public tender, which Lusa had access to today, the acquisition will be made through 12 lots, each involving the acquisition of between three and 361 vehicles, ranging from light-duty cars to all-terrain " personal use "or" general services "and" pick up "type.

It also included the purchase, in one of the lots to be tendered, of 36 general service passenger loads, capable of carrying 30 passengers.

The public tender is in force until May 7 and the award of each lot is subject to the most economically advantageous proposals for the Angolan State, a process conducted by the National Directorate of State Patrimony.

It provides for payment of the stipulated amount, in kwanzas, in installments, with 15% allocated as an advance with the signing of the agreement. In addition 30% against the delivery of proof of arrival of the vehicles to the port of Luanda and delivery of 45% of the total order.

The remaining 55% will be paid against the total delivery of the vehicles, for each lot, as provided in the specifications.

This is one of the first contests launched by the e-procurement portal, with which the Angolan Government estimates it can reduce costs by 30% per year in the purchase of goods and services.

Luanda, 17. April 2018


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