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Angolan government eases access to work visas

Angolan companies may already hire nonresident foreign workers according to the deadline established in the employment contract.

Presidential Decree 151/17 of 4 July, which states that "work visas may be granted until the end of the employment contract, according to the duration of the contract between the employer and the worker and any renewals ".

The same decree "repeals all legislation that contravenes the provisions of this presidential decree, namely Article 75 (1) of Presidential Decree No. 108/11, of May 25", which regulates the exercise of the professional activity of nonresident foreign workers, and aimed, according to the text of the document, to "regulate" this activity, "in order to allow a more balanced treatment between nationals and expatriates".

The generalized crisis in the country, due to the fall in oil revenues, the lack of foreign exchange and the freezing of remittances led to the stampede of many expatriates. All this was compounded by the difficulty caused by the Presidential Decree of May 25, which limited the permanence of foreign workers in the country at 36 months. This new decree will create an opportunity for both those who hire and those who are hired to work in Angola.

Non-resident foreign worker means a citizen of another nationality who "does not reside in Angola, has a professional, technical or scientific qualification in which the country is not self-sufficient, hired in a foreign country to carry on his professional activity in National territory for a fixed period ".

Luanda, 19. Juli 2017
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