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Angola will organize 10 trade fairs for investment promotion

Despite the macroeconomic framework, the country will continue to hold trade fairs to promote investment. For this year eight fairs are planned, three of which will happen for the first time.

This is the case of Angola FIT, Exhibition and Competition, Malanje International Fair (FIM) and People Summit Angola. According to the calendar of fairs, the first fair to be held this year is Expo Noivos (already in its third edition). The exhibition will be held in May. The Benguela International Fair (FIB), which will take place in May, follows.

Considered the country's second largest bourse, the IBF is already in its 8th edition. In June, Events Arena, in a co-organization with the Ministry of Environment, organizes the Environment Fair. In the same month, "Angola-FIT", Exhibition and Competition takes place, while the International Fair of Luanda (FILDA), the largest business exchange in the country, is scheduled for July.

The first edition of the International Fair of Malanje, which aims to promote the potential of a province rich in tourism, livestock and agriculture, will take place in September, while the International Exhibition of Equipment and Services for Civil Construction, Public Works, Urbanism , Architecture and Interior Decoration "Projekta".

In November, the last fair of the year is happening: People Summit According to Manuel Novais, despite the country's macroeconomic situation, marked by an economic and financial crisis, Angola is still an investment destination very attractive to foreign businessmen.

"Despite the economic crisis, there are entrepreneurs from various countries interested in coming to Angola to participate in the business exchanges and show their potential," he said. According to the company manager, at the moment, conditions are being created for the holding of the fairs.

Last year, the 33rd edition of FILDA brought together more than 200 companies from the sectors of industry, petroleum, trade, banking, insurance, construction, transport services and telecommunications representing 13 countries, namely Angola, Germany, South Africa , Brazil, United States of America, China, Cuba, Kenya, Uruguay and Zambia.


Luanda, 28. Februar 2018
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