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Angola Postal Bank unveiled

Two hundred kiosks and four branches of the Angola Postal Bank were inaugurated on Tuesday, simultaneously, under the expansion of the services of this new banking institution in the country.

Luanda has 150 kiosks and Huambo with 50, while the branches are divided into three in Luanda (at Higher Education Institute of Information and Communication Technologies, Valódia and Prenda), and another in the city of Huambo. The kiosks are called Xiquila Money.

According to Finance Minister Archer Mangueira, this institution strengthens the national financial system, one of Angola's macro-economic objectives. He added that postal banking, in markets where it already exists, is tasked to trade savings products, raising the population’s savings awareness.

"As you know the levels of savings in our country is still quite low and saving is key and crucial for investment, economic growth and human development of societies", said the official.

The Postal Bank is a brand mark of the Angolan Post Office that provides basic banking services throughout the national territory. Its objective is to provide corresponding services to the population deprived of banking service and provide access to the financial system.

The BNA governor, Walter Filipe, spoke at the act to value the new bank, exemplifying the case of his housemaid who could not make a transfer to Huambo province, which can now be done through the kiosks. The maid can deposit in one of the kiosk of Luanda and the recipient may get it in the kiosks in Huambo.

Luanda, 22. März 2017


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