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Agricultural insurance coming next season

The provinces of Huambo, Malanje and Bengo were selected for the experimental phase of agricultural insurance that begins to be implemented in the next agricultural campaign 2017-2018.

The event was presented to ANGOP by the chairman of the board of directors of ENSA Seguros de Angola, Manuel Gonçalves, in the framework of the celebrations of the 39th anniversary of this financial institution. Manuel Gonçalves said that, as agriculture is a determining sector in the process of diversifying the national economy, insurance in this sector is a fundamental tool to boost productivity.

In the context of this process, ENSA was designated as the leading insured of this agricultural co-insurance in which several insurers will intervene. These, together, are already working on the development of the support that will constitute all the activity leading to the execution of the projects.

In a first phase, Manuel Gonçalves said, two agricultural pilot projects are being carried out on large and small farms in the provinces of Malanje, Huambo and Bengo. "We are developing all the technical work necessary for the implementation of the projects."

Manuel Gonçalves said that agricultural insurance presupposes very refined technical analyzes on the national climatic aspects, such as levels of precipitation of rains, so that it can have tariffs adapted to the product and to the reality prevailing in Angola.

"Agricultural activity is a high-risk activity as a result of droughts and sometimes torrential rains that can devastate all crops or crops," said Manuel Gonçalves. He defended the need for state participation in this process so that, in partnership with insurers, the state can assume responsibility for the risks that occur in agricultural activity. "Insurers can support farmers and develop the sector in Angola which is one of the fundamental bases for diversification, growth and economic development."


Luanda, 19. April 2017


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